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What is Multisystemic Therapy?

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive program that focuses on the complete lives of children and adolescents with chronic behavioral issues.   MST takes into account all of the environments that affect the daily lives of the consumer – their home and family, friends, school and neighborhoods – to better understand the impact each of these areas has on their overall behavior.  MST recognizes that each of these systems plays a role in the behavior of the consumer and each must be addressed in order to create effective and sustainable change.

Multisystemic Therapy is different because it provides home and community based treatment specifically designed for the toughest offenders; often those with a history of arrests. MST clinicians are available 24/7 to help with urgent situations that require immediate attention. The program is designed to better understand the challenges of the consumer and equip the parents or caregivers with the tools necessary to take control of the situation and maintain a forward progression the child’s behavior.

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Why should I consider Multisystemic Therapy?

Multisystemic Therapy is based on evidence. It has been proven to work with the toughest kids. The unique program blends the most effective traditional clinical treatments to better treat adolescents. During the last 30 years studies have shown that MST is effective at keeping kids in school, decreasing family problems and drug use, and reduced re-arrest rates for adolescents in MST programs by 70 percent.

In addition, MST is supported by numerous organizations including the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and Blueprints for Violence Prevention.

Does my child need Multisystemic Therapy?

MST is designed to treat adolescents with chronic and ongoing behavioral issues.

  • Serious disrespect and disobedience
  • Problems at school
  • Criminal behavior
  • Running away
  • Overly-aggressive behavior and/or fighting
  • Drug/Alcohol Use

If your adolescent – ages 12 to 17 – struggles with any of these issues, we may be able to help. Integro has a dedicated staff of highly-qualified clinicians that are specifically trained in the Multisystemic Treatment model. With years of experience in the area, and established relationships with area schools, community physicians, local courts and community mental health agencies, Integro,llc can offer an enhanced level of service to you and your family.

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