Integro, llc. has been providing behavioral health services in Jackson and Hillsdale counties since 1997. The services we offer are varied and range from outpatient clinical services to intensive home based services for infants and children of all ages. Our services provide treatment options for consumers ages birth through adult and are individualized to meet your needs.  Our Mission is to strengthen the lives of individuals, families and communities using our extensive experience in the field of mental health.  We use innovative practices and set the highest standards in service delivery, reliability, professionalism, quality, and ethics.  We treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Outpatient Services

Our outpatient clinicians have expertise working with children, adults and families that are struggling with life concerns such as violence, grief, loss, trauma, and anger management. Our outpatient team is specially trained in delivery of services to active duty, veterans, and their families.


Home Based Services

Our home based clinicians provide services to families and children from birth to age seventeen to address struggles such as loss of a caregiver, developmental delays, and feelings of worthlessness and anxiety.  Home based services have been proven to be extremely effective when engaging the consumer and their caregivers in their natural environment. 


Infant Mental Health

Infant Mental Health provides home based parent-infant support and services to families where the parent’s condition and life circumstances or the characteristics of the infant threaten the parent-infant attachment and the consequent social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development of the infant. Our specialty trained clinicians help to reduce the incidence and prevalence of abuse, neglect, developmental delay, behavioral and emotional disorder.


Specialized Services

In an effort to offer greater consumer care, our Specialized Outpatient Services (SOS) program provides ancillary services in the field to developmentally disabled and mentally impaired consumers.  Our clinical staff are licensed, trained or certified in their respective modalities to provide  consumers access to occupational therapists, registered nurses, and dietitians.

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